Weekly Prayer Diary


As the sun scatters the mist
at the dawning of a new day,
So you calm our fears and anxieties
if we trust you.
You give us strength and courage
to live our daily lives
knowing you are with us
and we do not walk alone.
As the midday sun warms us,
we feel your protecting arms around us
and sense your loving presence.
As the sun sinks in a kaleidoscope of colour
you give us hope and renewal.

For a new day
King of brightness,
you turn darkness into light
and open the shutters on a new day.
You refresh our bodies with sleep
and waken us to face
the challenges of a new dawn.
Help us to live this day to your glory.


 Live simply.  Love generously.  Care deeply.  Speak kindly.  Leave the rest to God.

Exercise daily—walk with the Lord!

The church is a hospital for sinners, not a rest home for saints.

Morning Prayer

Every Monday and Wednesday at 9.00 am in church – liturgy from the Iona Abbey Worship Book.


  • 10th October – Those who suffer through natural disasters: those who live and work in Melksham Close
  • 11th October – Those who suffer in war or persecution: those who live and work in Moons Lane
  • 12th October – The disabled: those who live and work in Moonsgate
  • 13th October – The sick and those who look after them: those who live and work in New Street, Standing Court & Winterton Square
  • 14th October – Prisoners and hostages: those who live and work in Nightingales Close
  • 15th October – The Emergency services: those who live and work in Oak Tree Way
  • 16th October – The Forces: those who live and work in Oakhill Road
  • 17th October – Those in public life, especially politicians and community leaders: those who live and work in Orchard Road
  • 18th October – Entertainers and sportspeople: those who live and work in Owen Court
  • 19th October – Those who work in the caring and medical professions: those who live and work in Oxford Road

Members of our congregation, family and friends who are ill or recovering – Jay and Fiona, Brian, Enid, Ann Smith, Etta, Sarah (Lyn’s friend), Matthew Fontyn, Terry Clark, Nick Moorey, Sunie Kurian, Claire Harrison (Ray & Lyn’s daughter, Stuart & Sarah’s daughter-in-law), Eleanor Jones

Pray for Kate Bailey as she is licensed into her new parish on the 17th October.

 NB – Some names have been removed from the prayer list. The idea is to keep people on the list for 6 weeks and then to remove them, unless there is a special request for further prayer.