Weekly Prayer Diary





God overflows with love, grace and mercy. God does not give to each of us according to what we deserve. What He gives to us does not reflect our goodness. What He holds from us does not reflect our badness. God is a God who longs to give us, His children, good and life giving things.

Morning Prayer

Every Monday and Wednesday at 9.00 am in church – liturgy from the Iona Abbey Worship Book.

  • 7th December – The Church’s mission in England: those who live and work in Tanyard Close
  • 8th December – The Church’s mission to the world: those who live and work in Tintagel Court
  • 9th December – The environment: those who live and work in Trenear Close
  • 10th December – Those who suffer through natural disasters : those who live and work in Trinity Square
  • 11th December – Those who suffer in war or persecution: those who live and work in Tymperley Court
  • 12th December – The disabled: those who live and work in Victoria Street & Victoria Court
  • 13th December – The sick and those who look after them: those who live and work in Vincent Close & Gerald Court
  • 14th December – Prisoners and hostages: those who live and work in Watercress Place
  • 15th December – The Emergency Services: those who live and work in Waterfield Close

Members of our congregation, family and friends who are ill or recovering – Ann Smith, Bernadette, Sonia and John Smith, Terry Clark, Enid Hayward, Rebecca Swyer, Fiona & Jay, Ryan Nulty, John White (Ann Rolfe’s brother-in-law), Joan Fontyn.

Pray that a new Youth Worker will be found for the Parish as the recruitment process continues.

RIP: Douglas Lessels, Sally Cullen, Emma Agnew, Edna Ralph, Anne Vaines, Brian Pilkington and Faith Walker

NB – Some names have been removed from the prayer list. The idea is to keep people on the list for 6 weeks and then to remove them, unless there is a special request for further prayer.